Our Story

Our story...by Noah:

Patrick and Noah met in middle school.   Like many teens, they spent a lot of time listening to Anthem of the Sun and Dark Side of the Moon.  Noah played guitar and Patrick wrote poetry.  
Soon, Noah graduated high school and headed off to college in Potsdam, NY, where he met his wife, Tracy.   After a stint as a vagabond traveling all around the west coast and Mexico (in a loose approximation of Jack Kerouac’s travels), Patrick decided that college sounded like fun and he joined Noah at Potsdam.  Together they started their first band, Fathead Minnow. 
“Going to college in upstate NY in the 90’s meant listening to a lot of Phish,” Patrick recalls.  “I had just started playing the guitar… but that didn’t stop me from trying to learn side 1 of Junta.”   Noah adds: “I was taking a lot of philosophy classes— so learning that ‘the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road’ was just very enlightening”.
Shortly thereafter, Noah relocated to Eugene, Oregon to attend music school.   Patrick figured he might as well jump on the Greyhound bus and come out for a visit.  “That’s when Patrick developed a love-hate relationship with Eugene,” observes Tracy.  “Either that or he really worshipped the Greyhound”.   Please click here to see a map of Patrick’s cross country Greyhound trips!  In the end, Patrick finally decided to settle down in Eugene.  Patrick, Noah and two other local ‘cats’ started rock-funk-rap band Dr. Fred and The Love Surgeons— which lasted for a few years until Noah and Tracy had a baby, and Dr. Fred ran off to join the circus (metaphorically speaking).
Over the next 10 years, Patrick moved around some more from Burlington to Madison and he played a lot of music along the way.  Noah started one of those ‘dot com’ companies in Miami.   Fortunately, the famous ‘Eugene Vortex’ pulled them both back to Eugene circa 2002.   It was not much later when Patrick started The Last Drags.  Over the years,  Patrick continued to play music, recorded an album, and went through a few drummers and bass players before they convinced Noah to play bass.  
The Last Drags removed their draggy hats and voila!  Sonic Bent was born.   The newborn band used up a few more drummers (and tried a short but exciting collaboration with another mysterious guitar player and singer) before Jeff and Keenan joined the band.   Keenan expounds, “I started talking with Noah about starting a Radiohead cover band.  I knew Noah pretty well because his son Zev and I went to high school together.   Zev and I have been playing music for years.  We also had lots of parties at Noah and Tracy’s house when they weren’t home.   It was lots of fun.”  Jeff adds: “My son Miles and Zev play together in another local band called Soul Vibrator.  Go see them. They are fantastic.”  

Sonic Bent is:
Jeff Alberts – Drums, vocals, and album beer provider
Keenan Dorn-Lead guitar, vocals and task master
Patrick Kavaney – Lead vocals, guitars, songwriter, and lyricist
Noah Kamrat – 5 and 6 string basses, vocals, and envelope filter