One More Trip Down That Line
Sometimes I wonder how long I’ll hold my breath
I like to scare all my friends with life’s useless risks
Then one day you’ll wake up and find yourself old
No longer concerned with all the tricks you’ve pulled
Cause there’s one more trip down that line
One more trip down that line, One more trip down that line
This time

Sometimes I lean my head out the window and stare up at the sky
I like to study the clouds and forget the reason why
Cause sooner rather than later, I’ll wonder where you’ve gone
But then again you’ve been missing when you’re right next to me

It doesn’t matter anyway, half of me is here the other half has gone away
The clouds slipped in while the door was ajar
The sun ducked out shy about always being the star

The give and take is all I need, the ebb and flow of the river yang
The rain that fills your empty cup, overflowing through your days
Remember the time is fleeting, it slips from our hands
Remember the love that’s leading you by the hand